Structural Steel Loading Service

After the members are re inspected and the required surface finish has been achieved they are packed onto custom built skids strapped down and the packed skids are then end loaded into 40’ containers with each container holding between 15-20 tons of steel.


Once all members have been accounted for and container packing lists have been completed the containers are then sent to the shipping agents port facility.


Unloading the containers on site is a relatively simple task, the container is placed on the ground, international shipping seal is removed and the skid can then be removed by using a mobile crane.


The container can then be reloaded onto transport and removed from site. The skid can also be moved around the site to facilitate erection.


Once the steel has been unloaded on site Arcimet will with the assistance of the builders representative complete a final quantity check to ensure all members have been delivered.

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